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Save Him (MV @ Youtube)     [Updated 9/16/2009]
A new music video that I made, to remind ourselves the serious problem of global warming. It was all about the environment, so I did not appear in the video.
Hopefully after watching it, we can all agree to be less polluting!

Road 2 Sustainability (2009)  [Updated 9/16/2009]
My second environmental song, and the first one in my native tongue.
Once again, hopefully it'll serve as a reminder to all of us, that Earth needs our help.

Save Him (2008) 
Technology managed to make our lives more efficient and convenient, but also led to the sickness of our dearest earth...
Save Him - Kiss on the River -
Another Day - Crossroads - Memory - Heartbeat - Ordinary - 
Accelerate - Love of My Life     [Updated 3/15/2009]

Ultimate Revelation (2009)  [Updated 6/7/2009]
A new instrumental album with a variety of styles...

Ultimate Revelation - Distant Memoir - Sad Story - Get Ready -
Heavenly Moments - Portrait - Accelerate (fusion version)

Listen To Me (2007) 

This is my second instrumental album that includes four hip-hop beats and seven other pieces of Composed and produced with various elements mixed together; each song tells a story of a day of one's life - perhaps a story just like your own...
Secret Diary - Mystery in July - Because of You - Seven - Explanation - December - Passive - Refractory - Bucolic - Lite - Excursion

In Control (2007)

The title was initially assigned to present my passion for music, how I try to take control of my original melodies. But later on I came up with the song "In Control" which magically fits the idea of the album!
In Control - Explanation - I Don't Know - And She Said - Forgotten Promises - Tears in the Sky - Before Dawn (sang by Eastwind) - Burial of Flowers (sang by Lea) - Snow (sang by ZW Ren) - Fish (sang by Sandy Pong) - Loving Someone Else - 17th Century (written by Salt)

Convective Melodies
The wind blows, the clouds move, people dance with the beats...Movements - this is how this album was formed as well - by flowing lyrics and music through the Internet.

Heartbreaking Sky - Last Dinner - Oblivious Moments - Nothing Matters - Leaving Me - White Loneliness - Fish - Ancient - Waiting for You - Love was Gone - Tunnel of Time - Crush

DEFiNiTiON (2005)
<Under Construction>

Every stage of life has its own meaning and definition. To preserve them well, I've converted them into music, so that my memories will be lost while time flies...
Flower Field- Patriotic Killing - Fall Afternoon - Sink - Elementary School - Black & White - Confusion - Out of Control - Snow - Mess Around - Real Fake Baller

 (2004) <Under Construction>
Is it happiness or sadness that made the story memorable? Listen closely...
Remenbrance - Our Future - Your Smile - Burial of Flowers - Resistance - Flower - The Leaf -Silent Night - 230 Days - Sophia - Sophia Remix

 (2004) <Under Construction>
There are mountains so tall, and valleys so deep, but they are nothing compared to the profundity of the heart...
Care - Immature - Star Sky -Our Love - I Still Love You - Follow Your Heart - Wall and Grass - Perfect - The Pirate - Lonely Trip - The Stairs

 (2003) <Under Construction>
A collection of songs written in 2003

Failure - Courage - Tiramisu - Withering - ISOLATION - Irreplaceable - Too Serious In Love - Sky of Stars - Gold -Jealousy-Friendship

TRANSiTiON  (2002) <Under Construction>
The diary of my life. It includes my very first RAP song, "DEATH".
TRANSiTiON - Death - Forgive Me - Pain - Unknown Love - Love by the First Sight - Continue - Escape - Dreaming of You - If You Wanna Fly - Beard - Cabinet

Pure Music - Intrumentals
 (2003-2005) <Under Construction>
This is the first collection of some instrumental pieces, with no lyrics nor any vocal...
Awaken - November - Brainwash - Traces of Time
Days Without You - Chaotic - April - Funny

iFAN-LiN (1999-2001) <Unavailable Online>
Starting from the love stories and poems that I wrote at the age of 15, this album records my teenage thoughts, and pieces of my imagination...

2001: cry - jerk - not to say ILY - Heartbeat - Boredom - For You - Thinking of You
2000: Seeing You Again - Love You No More - Two Weeks Later - Long^2 - Simple Romance - Leaving This World
1999: 2nd Hometown - Baby, I - I Still Love You - It's Time - Separation - Gone



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