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- Who is ifanlin? -

This is iFAN LiN.
I've never been a fan of thick books, therefore I was naturally drawn towards pictures, which probably led to my love for drawing. As a first grader, I watched my sister play piano and demanded to follow her steps. As a direct result, my mom signed me up for piano lessons. Even though I was rebellious against practicing, even hated piano for a while, I fall in love with writing my own music with a piano during high school.
At the same time, I came across HTML and expanded my love for visuals and music onto web design. Later on, I began to write Chinese poetry that naturally turned into lyrics for my own composition. All of a sudden, it's been eight years since I first recorded a song of my own. Coming from amateur music sites, like Rockacola or RichMedia, I finally got my own domain - - a real dream came true.




- Site Map -

In recent years, I've directed most of my creativity towards music production, so this website has been structured with the music as its focus -

  • News _____________ Updates of the website

  • Intro _____________ A simple description of me and my site
    >>>>>>>> Who is ifanlin
    Site Map
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  • Albums _____________ The online publication of my music

  • Forum _____________ You are welcome to comment/ask questions here, but plz don't spam!

  • Artwork __________ Creativity towards areas other than music
    Sketches/Drawings/Visual Art Designs
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- Site History -

1998 Started the first web design for my dad's company, With the help of my uncle, I slowly picked up HTML... 
With a little bit of experience, I began designing my own site, which at the time was only in Chinese. Since I loved drawing and design, I had a lot of my sketches online, along with some other useless information.

These logo designs were made for the first website. The original design came from my Graphic Design class; we were required to design a personal logo for a project. As you can see it is a combination of my initials, I and L. Also, it looks like a Chinese character, representing my Taiwanese roots. The following are some logos and animations made for the first version of the website.


This was the year that I started to use Frames and a guestbook on my website.
In addition, I also began designing a separate website called NEWAGE, which was intended to draw talents online to collaboratively put together an entertainment website, that includes popular lyrics, jokes, fun quizzes, clipart, stories..etc. However, it was hard coordinating 4 or 5 people over the internet. As a result, it fell apart.
This was also the year that I began writing more lyrics and poems.

2000 The 2nd and 3rd versions of the site were published. All the non-original material were slowly removed, what's left were my compositions. I also began recording my own songs. Below is the logo for version 3.

The following is a banner for the 3rd version site. As you can see, it started to focus more on products of my creativity.
2001 Although I still loved drawing, writing music began to eat up most of my free time.
2002 Joined in a few amateur music/literature websites to help promote my own site.
2003 The 4th version of iFAN LiN STUDiO was designed. The following is the logo for it. Again, it's a combination of i and L. But now it looks like the Chinese character "norm", which is part of my Chinese name "sail", and has the same pronunciation as "sail" .

2004 After using so many free webspace service, I finally had a no-ads, free space to use, under my school UC Berkeley's server.
2006 Began to use Stanford University's student web service. The 5th version of STUDiO came out, focused on music - iFAN LiN MUSiC. The new logo now looks like a person...

Signed a 2-year contract with EMI as a music and lyrics writer.

Got my own domain,

2008 The 6th version finally reached the public. Finally decided to abandon the Frames and use CSS framework. This time, the logo has the same feel as the last, but it's much more clear that it's a person, doing a dance/kick move.

{Traditional Chinese Version}

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