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- High School Art & Design, 1996 ~ 2002 -

These are two pictures of the same kettle. The one on the right was drawn using oil-based paint while the one on the left was drawn using 6B pencil.

Here are a couple pictures initially hand-drawn, then scanned and added effects via Ulead PhotoImpact.

Two pencil sketches done as an sketching exercise for my after school art class.

- Left: A sketch of the Three Wise Monkeys.
- Right: A character that I initially designed for my website, wearing my high school uniform.

A sketch of a pair of Reebok shoes that I absolutely loved. But it was a little too big for me, so I gave it away to my dad later on. At the time, this was definitely my proudest drawing, using several kinds of media.


During high school, I took three years of Graphic Design class and really enjoyed every minute of it. The news article on the right was reporting me and my classmate winning the 1st and 2nd places in the Auckland Graphic Design competition. The picture below is the final render my VCR design for the competition.

This picture was drawn purely for fun during class time, after I finished required exercise and got bored.



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