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- Other Sketches, 1996 ~ 2002 -

I fell in love with writing music with a piano in high school, so one day
I decided to make this symbolic picture with with PhotoImpact.

Another comical picture of me.

Here are three basketball characters (click to view in large).

Three more random sketches (click to view in large).

It may look funny now, but wait till you're the one being fired! :P


- Left: The Blue Hair Dude used to represent me on the ancient iFAN LiN GRAFiX website.
- Left: The Dribbler is my very first GIF animation.
- Right: The Blue Hand was my hand scanned on a scanner, then with effects added via PhotoImpact.
- Right: The Grey Shirt Guy is the 2nd GIF animation that I've ever made.



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